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A new way to understand anxiety from Anxiety specialist Natalie Kohlhaas. Anxiety will never give up on you. Learn to listen to your friend while learning how anxiety wants you to reach for your truth and experience the wonder that is in your world. 

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This guide can help assist you in the release of stored emotional pain or the struggles you may have held within. Working though these steps can provide options for new behaviors and ways to process your emotions. Try this Ebook today. 

FREE for those in need


When you lose a loved one, the pain can feel unbearable, but what if you knew that the spirit of your loved one lived on?In Spirit Untethered, Maiden recounts heartwarming stories of the deceased communicating messages of comfort and joy to loved ones left behind.


The Art of Starting Over allows you to look at your life from a variety of angles and to discover what's missing. Using the life lesson and exercises within, you can learn how to plan and take the steps you need to create the life you desire.

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