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The stigma and discrimination LGBTQ individuals often face can be a serious impediment to their well-being. LGBTQ affirmative therapy can help empower individuals and help them navigate challenges effectively. individuals seek counseling for depression, anxietygriefcouples therapy, work stress, etc. And while some issues have little to do with sexuality, gender, or identity, the LGBTQ community does have its own set of unique challenges as well.


 LGBQT concerns and treatment modalities:


Gender Dysphoria - a psychological condition experienced by individuals whose gender identity and expression does not match the gender assigned at birth. Gender dysphoria can cause significant distress and affect a person’s overall mental wellbeing.


Sexual Identity Issues -  can refer to numerous concerns.  Sexual identity (or sexual orientation) refers to the emotions, thoughts, feelings, and fantasies that contribute to a person’s sexual or romantic attraction to another person.  LGBTQ individuals often go through periods of questioning their sexual identity, which can cause confusion and stress. Also pertinent to the LGBTQ community and sexual identity issues is the “coming out” process, and coping with the reactions of friends and family


Mindfulness Training - learning "in the moment" techniques that enhance peace and calm, which can reduce and prevent apprehensiveness.


Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) – identifying and successfully addressing the behaviors that cause anxiety. CBT also teaches healthy coping skills, recovery tools, and strategies for lasting success, such as containment and life skills.