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Art Expression
Movement & Therapy

As an integrated therapist who believes in treating the mind, body and soul using various theories and techniques, Lei helps you explore your feelings, and challenge behaviors. Guiding you through reactions or changing behaviors, she can provide you an opportunity to reach for a place of acceptance. Lei Rhyne is adept at using a variety of techniques such as CBT, expressive art, meditation, clinical hypnosis and psychodynamics. 

Her goal is to open a journey of discovering empowerment for her clients, where you can find your voice and embrace your uniqueness. 


Lei has her Masters in Counseling from the University of Georgia, has passed her National Certification Exam and is under the directed experience and clinical supervision of Natalie Kohlhaas MA LPC, in the State of Georgia. She is working toward certification in Expressive Art Therapy, and is passionate about working with trauma survivors.

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Lei Rhyne

I believe that the best way to heal the inner child is through art because as children, we were all artists. 

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