What is the cost of a session?
The cost of your session will vary depending on the type and duration of your appointment. These costs are as follows:


  •   90 Minute Initial Intake Session - $210

  •   Monthly Wellness Plans - $800 - $1000

  •   Basic Hypnotherapy Session  - $195

  •   50 Minute session (1 hour) – by appointment

  •   On-set support - call for consultation


    In order to assist clients, I offer a sliding fee scale for those who are

    underinsured and/or based on financial concerns.​


The frequency of appointments are based upon your needs and financial concerns, however I recommend weekly appointments or wellness plans for a minimum of the first eight sessions in order to build the foundation of the therapeutic relationship.

               What about insurance?

                   If you wish to file with your insurance carrier, I can provide a receipt for services known as a "superbill." 

                               * FSA and HSA payments can be made to cover the cost of your visits.

                               * Credit Cards and Cash are accepted.

For one-on-one industry support or artistic development while on-set, 

please contact Natalie directly at 404-542-3502.

       Only a select number of clients are provided this premium service after consultation.

In the event that Natalie Kohlhaas is required to appear as a witness in a court case related to your therapy, you will be required to pay a $3,500 retainer to cover the expenses, including time away from the practice, travel to and from the courthouse, lodging expenses, etc.