Natalie Kohlhass MA

Nationally Certified Psychotherapist / Owner

Natalie Kohlhaas is the Founder and Director of Integrative Mental Health Counseling (IMHC). It has been a lifelong dream of hers to develop a comprehensive facility where people could be treated as a whole person (mind, body, spirit) by a group of mental health professionals who utilize state of the art, research-based treatment modalities, and who are experts in their respective fields of study. Natalie feels that what sets IMHC Serenity House apart from other mental health practices is the clinicians are well-trained in a diversity of specialty areas, truly see each client as an individual and care about their well-being.

IMHC provides clients consultation services with message therapists, nutritionists, financial specialists and other psychotherapists.



Natalie Kohlhaas did her undergraduate work at Oxford College of Emory and The University of Georgia. Her masters degree is in Counseling Psychology from the Georgia School of Professional Psychology. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Nationally Board Certified Counselor, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, a member of the American Hypnotherapy Association, and a Board Certified Professional Counselor with the APA.

Natalie Kohlhaas has provided psychotherapy for adults and adolescents in a variety of settings since 1996. These settings included: The Anxiety Disorders Institute of Atlanta (individual counseling, AD for the outpatient hospital program, meditation classes, and psycho-education), Charter Peachford Hospital, Transitional Family Services, on staff psychotherapist for the Grant Park Cooperative Preschool, Co-Owner of The Center for Psychological Wellbeing (group and individual work), and Vice President of Valor Institute (trauma and DID assistance).  

As a trained psychotherapist she believes in addressing the whole individual, including any underlying emotional issues. By keeping up to date with the newest studies and information and training in the field, Natalie's priority is to provide each client the best treatment possible.