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I'm worried that my problems aren't big enough.

Don't worry. You're not on trial. A good therapist wants to make you feel comfortable so you can speak on your own terms. Stress at home, school, or on the job can have a huge impact on your well-being and therapy can significantly increase your job, home, and school satisfaction. 

Wouldn't it be easier to just pop a pill?

Medications can be useful but they also come with side effects. Therapy can help you develop strategies for overcoming negative thought patterns and destructive behaviors, and that is something no pharmaceutical remedy can do. Remember, "pills don't teach skills."

What kind of therapist do I need?

A counselor or licensed therapist will give you a solid introduction into therapy. And if it turns out you need additional help, they can refer you to a medical doctor who can prescribe medication.

If you're worried you'll chose the wrong therapeutic method - don't be. Chat on the phone before making an intial intake visit. Rapport with your therapist is much more important than a specific disipline.

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