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The New Status Symbol

As screens become less expensive and cheap to make people are finding screens also make things cheaper. Whether it is ordering from a screen, teaching from a screen, checking into your flight or paying for your bags...screens cut costs.   

What we are finding are more and more services relegated to screens and those services are now focused increasingly on the middle class or those with a lower fixed income. Allowing everyone, no matter what your economic status, to utilize and experience services through electronic means, even in our elementary schools where they are handed out like paper. 

Where once you had to have the means to afford a pager or mobile phone, now we see computers and phones everywhere. Being able to afford a desktop computer or the newest mobile phone was for those who had disposable income. Now they are available to all, the hard-working mom, the kids with no job, even the homeless man can be found with a device stashed away. 

Our society has found ways to reach anyone who may have a need and those who are not able to receive information or services, are now able to connect.

So, what about those who are wealthy and who are "busy?" The ones with the disposable income who sought out the computer or newest phone?

Milton Pedaza, Chief Executive of Luxury Institute, works and advises the top wealthiest on how to live. "What we are seeing now is the luxurification of human engagement." In a recent interview with Nellie Bowels in San Francisco, they spoke about the wealthy and what they are now doing with their time, kids, and health. 

So what is the top luxury item?

Experiencing human.

Experiencing human

We are now seeing those who have true means searching out positive behaviors and emotions that allow for joy, connection, and sharing. The wealthy are paying top dollar for their kids to play with wooden blocks, engage in face-to-face services, and experience conversations around health and wellness without screens/phones.

Joseph Nunes of the University of Southern California Marketing stated if you are "truly at the top, you don't have to answer; they have to answer to you." 

Human Contact is now a Luxury, and for those who have the money, they are watching everyone else swim in the tech pool of average.

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