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Spreading Kindness

Today with all we hear about in the news, it is essential to remember the reason behind our current choices.

We are choosing to employ social distancing because we care about each other. We are working from home to protect our co-workers and our work, and we are utilizing techniques of sheltering in place to show our kindness and desire for our friends and family's wellbeing.

Remember all of these measures are being used to spread kindness to the human race and to ensure our continued desires. There is no attempt to create discord or unease; these practices are being applied to help, assist, and show caring.

I want you to know what is being done at the office to assist in caring for your physical wellbeing as well as your mental health. 

  1. Appointment times are spaced to minimized contact with others. So, please be aware of this, as we both attempt to keep designated appointment times.

  2.  As you enter the building, please wash your hands in the kitchen as soon as you enter. 

  3. Following your appointment, we are wiping down door handles, pens, headsets, washing our hands and other items that have been encountered.

  4.  There is a HEPA filter running in the office to help keep the air clear.

  5.  TeleMental Health services are being offered to those who prefer these types of appointments. (TeleMental Health: Phone and Video Conferencing for distance appointments as needed.)

  6. If you are an existing patient experiencing financial difficulties, please call so we can talk about possibilities. 

  7. I will be posting short videos on anxiety, emotional regulation, and links to GOOD NEWS.

  8. Remember, we are here for you, as you may need.

Remember, we are all on this planet together, and the more we spread kindness and caring, the better our world will be. I am so pleased to see us all doing our part.

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